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What is Coaching?

When a person faces a challenge and becomes stuck, he or she may seek the services of a personal coach. Once this commitment is made, the person begins to experience a different, more hopeful, world as his or her perceptions evolve in meeting the personal challenge.

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As powerful and effective as professional coaching can be, it is only affordable to less than one percent of the workforce. 

QmarkWhat is Coached to Success?

Coached to Success is dedicated to providing insightful self-coaching to help you achieve your life goals.
John G. Agno shares his decades of professional coaching and consulting knowledge to create a better life for many through proprietary self-coaching guides; delivered to your smart phone, tablet, eReader, and computer or via low-cost paperback books.

Agno knows what caused the strain, stress and frustration of his successful clients in order to help them create effective and profitable solutions. 

The purpose of Coached to Success is to communicate these unique insights in blog postings and self-help books at prices so low that as many people as possible are able to afford and use them in their personal and professional lives.  These powerful self-coaching solutions can deliver life-changing possibilities for those willing to allow their perceptions to evolve.  
What is professional coaching and how can it help you?

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Coach Agno knows that sometimes our thoughts aren't crystal clear and we can be diverted from our goals.  Agno's job is to coach people to greater awareness, increased clarity and focusdevelop your signature talents into strengths and achieve a sense of well-being which often translates into higher compensation, job satisfaction and the practical use of their skills and abilities.

Agno believes that every executive needs a coach. 
However, the purpose of Coached to Success  is to help those of you, who don't now have an executive coach but need to pay attention to your intentions and get to where you want to be.  Please keep up with and "Like" us at:

More Coaching for Less

"Coached to Successbooks and coaching tips exist to heighten self-discovery for better work/life integration.  For example, the background for our career women book series evolved from working with a succession of female coaching clients.   We realized that women do not automatically experience the same professional issues that men routinely face.  Instead, they struggle to be all things to all people— and along the way they neglect themselves and their own priorities.  What we discovered serves as the backbone for these books, and for their solutions, strategies, and essential tools. Our goal is to help women make their lives easier, richer, happier, and saner.

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Control Your Own Destiny
On-demand, immediate learning in digestible bites allows for on-the-job application while fitting easily into action-packed schedules.  Research indicates that people learn better, retain more and are positively motivated when supported by regular and frequent coaching.

Coached to Success insights help you to develop the skills necessary to become the master of yourself so you will be ready, willing and able to get to where you want to be.  As you build your capabilities, people become attracted to you and this opens the door for trusting you.  When they trust you, they will be open to listening to what you have to say.

An important aspect of self-discovery occurs when we recognize that individuals are all unique, that each of us sees the world through our specific lens. This is the perspective from the inside looking out. We’re not better or worse, we’re just unique. When we accept that fact, we begin to understand the importance of allowing individuals to approach situations in their own way, both in personal and professional arenas.

A self-coaching guide for career women
When Doing It All Won't Do
Women, Know Thyself
The most important knowledge is self-knowledge.
"Ask the Coach" as ebook or paperback.
"Ask the Coach" available as ebook or paperback.

What is success?

Our assumptions and beliefs drive our behavior.  What we believe we can achieve, we achieve.  Yet, when we believe we are not good enough to achieve something, we don't.  Fear is the only thing that holds people back from achieving personal success.  Success lies in being who you are, not in what you fear you should be.  What you think, happens to you.

Everyone strives for success in one form or another.  People need to achieve worthwhile goals to feel satisfied with their lives, but everyone's goals vary.  We all need to become the kind of person we individually aspire to be.  Only you know what's important in achieving your vision of success.  However, we all seek shared outcomes, like happiness, self-awareness and expression, achievement and satisfying interpersonal relationships, to provide a foundation for where we want to be. 

You can drastically increase your chances of succeeding in business and life when you learn from a coach or mentor--someone who once stood in your place and overcame all obstacles to earn success and happiness.  Coaching and mentoring provide the personal training that helps you focus your natural abilities in the right direction.  Coached to Success insights allow your inner potential to erupt out toward success.

Why does self-awareness

By learning from Coach Agno's self coaching tips, you can take the shortest, most direct path to success.  The actionable tips you receive make the abstract concrete, provide useful technique and suggest that the full spectrum of consciousness encompasses both the physical and a multitude of nonphysical dimensions of reality.

Don't read these insights with your mind only.  Watch for a "feeling-response" and a smart sense of recognition from deep within you.  Coached to Success aims to reach that place within you where you already know and where the truth is recognized when it is heard.

It is our hope that Coached to Success will reach those who find the content worthy of consideration--even though they may not be ready to fully live or practice what they read.  Perhaps, at a later time, the seed that was sown while reading an insight will merge with the seed of enlightenment, that one carries within, and suddenly sprout and come alive.

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The most important knowledge is self-knowledge.
Women, Know Thyself
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